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来源:桂林电子科技大学 | 2021-05-27 11:43:45
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Part I Grammar and Vocabulary (30%)(每小题1分)

Choose the best answers and mark your answers on your answer sheet.

1. The town maintains very many Chinese traditions which are among the highest achievements of those who created the ________ we now enjoy.

A. heritage B. inheritance C. genetics D. estate

2. The twin brothers showed great _______ to their elder sister, who had acted as sole parent to them since their parents died during the American Civil War.

A. allegiance B. devotion C. compliance D. admiration

3. Night patrols were sent out to engage the enemy in a series of small _______.

A. battles B. fight C. skirmishes D. clash

4. The old building has an ________ air of sadness about it.

A. insurmountable B. insuperable C. intangible D. insurable

5. For many patients, institutional care is the most _______ and beneficial form of care.

A. pertinent B. appropriate C. acute D. persistent

6. She’s not a very valuable member of the debate team, actually----she loves making speeches, but she’s not very good at ______ opponents’ argument.

A. rendering B. refuting C. resolving D. impeding

7. Martin Luther King, Jr., testified to the _____ effect of The Strange Career of Jim Crow on the civil rights movement by praising the book and quoting it frequently.

A. pervasive B. wary C. novel D. profound

8. Jean Wagner’s most enduring contribution to the study of Afro-American poetry is his insistence that it be analyzed in a religious, as well as ______ , frame of reference.

A. scant B. secular C. simultaneous D. salubrious

9. If you are an athlete, strong abdominal muscles help you ensure a strong back and freedom from injury during _______ upper-body movement.

A. valiant B. variable C. vigilant D. vigorous

10. You are now not wanted; you are now ______ from the work environment that offers purpose and structure in your life.

A. included B. concluded C. precluded D. excluded

11. There is much I enjoy about the changing seasons, but my favorite time is the _______ from fall to winter.

A. transmission B. transformation C. transition D. transfer

12. After four years in the same job his enthusiasm finally _______.

A. deteriorated B. dispersed C. dissipated D. drained

13. The wings of the bird still _______ after it had been shot down.

A. slapped B. scratched C. flapped D. fluctuated

14. Their diplomatic principles completely laid bare their _______ for world conquest.

A. admiration B. ambition C. administration D. orientation

15. What the correspondent sent us is an _______ news report. We can depend on t.

A. evident B. authentic C. ultimate D. immediate

16. The computer hacker coined the term virtual reality.

A. made into coins B. invented C. made a lot of money D. earned money

17. Now and in the future, we will live as free people, not in fear and never at the mercy of any foreign powers.

A. For the sake of B. at the cost of C. in the interest of D. under the control of

18. Most college students in the United States live away from home.

A. apart B. down C. elsewhere D. along

19. Applicants will be asked to provide information on how they will disseminate information to other students at their university or college.

A. disclose B. deliver C. spread D. analyze

20. The senator agreed that his support of the measure would jeopardize his chances for reelection.

A. benefit B. endanger C. hinder D. disturb

21. “It seems that she was there at the conference.” The sentence means that_______.

A. she seems to be there at the conference.

B. she seemed to be there at the conference.

C. she seems to have been there at the conference.

D. she seemed to being there at the conference.




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